Sheffield Industrial Asbestos Removal

Sheffield Industrial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Sheffield has a fully accredited and licensed industrial asbestos removal division with the expertise and experience of removing all types of asbestos-containing materials in any kind of environment. You can trust us to find the best possible solution at all times. Contact us to speak to one of our team members.

You can rely on us for:

· Comprehensive asbestos surveys

· Asbestos testing

· Asbestos management and bulk sample analysis

· Industrial asbestos removal

· Asbestos collection and disposal

Sheffield’s most reliable and cost-efficient asbestos removal services

If you are the owner of an industrial building or the manager of an industrial plant, it is your duty to manage asbestos within the building or site. But, to manage asbestos, you need to hire professional asbestos removal specialists who are trained and licensed to handle the hazardous material. Here at Asbestos Removal Sheffield, we have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the removal of asbestos from industrial properties of all sizes. Our workers are HSE-licensed and we always ensure to remove asbestos in the safest possible way.

The method of asbestos removal varies. Our team can build enclosures and conduct smoke tests to make sure that no leaks are present that will let asbestos fibres escape beyond the boundaries of work. The enclosures are custom-built to ensure nothing is spread throughout the industry.

However, removal of asbestos is not always a viable option. If asbestos is found inside your industrial structure or on the roof, the best solution is asbestos encapsulation. Our technicians are well-trained and certified to encapsulate asbestos and follow safe disposal methods. Get in touch today for more information or a no-obligation, free quote.

Common places asbestos is found in an industrial property:

· Sprayed coating on columns, beams, walls and ceilings

· Loose fill insulation

· Asbestos cement water tanks

· Lagging on pipes and boilers

· Asbestos insulation boards (AIB)

· Textiles, such as fire blankets

· Asbestos gaskets and rope seals

· Asbestos cement roof, downpipe and gutter

· Textured coatings on ceilings and walls

These are only some of the possible places in your industrial property where asbestos-containing materials might be located. To know exactly where asbestos is hiding in your industrial property, hire our asbestos surveyor for carrying out an in-depth asbestos demolition or renovation survey, or asbestos management survey. Our surveyors will visit you on your industrial site, collect samples and send it to the laboratory. The lab will prepare a detailed report highlighting the places where asbestos is hiding, the condition of the asbestos-containing materials and the contamination level. This report will help us in determining the next step in asbestos management for your industrial site.

Get a free quote on industrial asbestos removal services

For competitively priced industrial asbestos removal services in Sheffield, please contact Asbestos Removal Sheffield. Speak to our team member directly and clear your doubts. You can also discuss your specific industrial asbestos removal requirement so that we can provide you with a personalised estimation.

Let us make your industrial site an asbestos-free zone for the safety of your workers and anyone who visits.


Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. The name derives from the River Sheaf which runs through the city. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, with some southern suburbs annexed from Derbyshire, the city has grown from its largely industrial roots to encompass a wider economic base. The population of the City of Sheffield is 584,853 (mid-2019 est.) and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield is the second-largest city in the Yorkshire and the Humber region and the third-largest English district by population. The metropolitan population of the city of Sheffield is 1,569,000.

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