Sheffield Asbestos Garage Removal

Sheffield Asbestos Garage Removal

Asbestos Removal Sheffield is experts in removing hazards from your home or office. We are experts in removing asbestos corrugated roofing from garages and also dismantling the walls. Asbestos garage roofing sheets are removed whole and directly taken to a landfill. For the safe disposal of asbestos garage in Sheffield, we make use of closed skips. You can trust us to provide you with a neat, professional and affordable service.

What are the types of asbestos used in garages?

Whilst there are six different types of asbestos and our technicians are proficient in the removal and disposal of all of them, domestic or commercial garages usually contain the following asbestos types:

· Chrysotile – This is a common type of asbestos used in garages and homes in various forms. It can be found in everything including pipe insulation, boiler seals and garage roofs.

· Tremolite – Even though tremolite was not a material that was commercially used as a building material, but it is found in some sealants, paints and roofing materials. The colour of this asbestos can range from green, grey, white and even clear.

· Amosite – This is the second most common asbestos type and it is known as brown asbestos. The most common use of amosite was in thermal insulation and cement sheeting. Since asbestos is a good insulator, it also found its use in plumbing. Amosite was even used in roofing tiles and it might be present in your garage if it was built before 1999.

All types of asbestos pose a risk to your health and this is why they are classified by EPA as cancer-causing substances. Crocidolite and amosite are considered to be the most dangerous types of asbestos. To find out which type of asbestos is found in your garage, hire our asbestos surveyors.

Usually, garages have four different types of frames – timber, steel, concrete block or pre-cast concrete. At Asbestos Removal Sheffield, we are capable of removing all types of garages. So, irrespective of what kind of garage you have, you can trust our technicians to handle your case.

In the case of timber-framed and steel garages, our operatives remove the entire structure using the latest equipment and tools. The asbestos-containing materials are transported to a landfill by our licensed technicians and disposed of safely.

Are you considering having your commercial or residential asbestos garage removed? We are here to fulfil your demolition and garage removal needs. Call us to get a quotation on our asbestos garage removal service in Sheffield.

Always hire accredited asbestos specialists

The cost of asbestos garage removal might tempt you to do-it-yourself and simply knock your garage down by ignoring the presence of asbestos. But, this is highly unadvised. A DIY asbestos garage removal attempt can be extremely dangerous and you might risk yourself and others to asbestos exposure. Also, you might get injured whilst trying to dismantle a garage yourself.

Contact Asbestos Removal Sheffield and allow our technicians to remove your asbestos garage safely. Our asbestos removal costs are highly competitive and we can even tailor it to suit your specific needs.


Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. The name derives from the River Sheaf which runs through the city. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, with some southern suburbs annexed from Derbyshire, the city has grown from its largely industrial roots to encompass a wider economic base. The population of the City of Sheffield is 584,853 (mid-2019 est.) and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield is the second-largest city in the Yorkshire and the Humber region and the third-largest English district by population. The metropolitan population of the city of Sheffield is 1,569,000.

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